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Audi Certified Pre-Owned Benefits

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At first glance, a Certified Pre-Owned Audi looks, feels, acts like any other used Audi.

But when you go more than skin deep, there are significant differences between Certified Pre-Owned vs used--and the benefits of choosing CPO can really add up quickly.

We've encouraged local Charlotte drivers to find a reliable and trustworthy car when they shop for a used luxury vehicle. Audi's Certified Pre-Owned program takes all the guesswork out of looking for one.

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Save Thousands of Dollars on Audi Demo Vehicles at Audi Northlake

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Contrary to what anyone may say, you really can have it all--at least, when you shop with Audi Northlake.

Our Audi demo vehicles, available for purchase at our Charlotte location, do let you have it all: the car you want, at the price you want, when you want.

We're pleased to be able to keep a well-stocked fleet of demonstration vehicles on hand for use by our managers, personnel, and select clients, which means we are frequently able to refresh our inventory of demo vehicles available for purchase.


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Wouldn't You Love to Be Able to Really Trust Your Used Audi?


We know we would--and that's why we only sell the best.

If you've begun to shop for a used Audi online, you've likely realized that there are dozens of ways to purchase a pre-owned car in the Charlotte area. Not just from a franchised new-car dealer, but by a variety of used-only dealers, independent dealers, internet sales ads, private sellers--and with such a huge selection of varying models, years, prices, and backgrounds, it can be hard to nail down which option is going to be the best, and the safest, for you.


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Audi: Hearts in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground

Well-known for its "One-for-One" program, TOMS has donated more than 45 million pairs of shoes world-wide. This year's Summer of Audi Sales Event, Audi is committing to the movement to improve global footing by making it possible for TOMS to donate 55,000 shoes to children in the U.S. who need them.

This means they don't have to worry about injuring themselves while doing the things kids are supposed to do, like…

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