Compare 2018 Audi Q3 vs 2018 BMW X1

Luxury in Charlotte has gone compact.

As more and more drivers flock to our beautiful city, it becomes more of a necessity to have a quick, agile daily driver than can easily double as a capable and solid traveler on the weekends. If you don't need the excess space and muscle of a large three-row SUV, a five-passenger crossover like the Audi Q3 or the BMW X1 could very well be the right fit for you.

Deciding between these two, though, is a whole other matter. These fierce rivals both offer a lot in terms of features, safety, and performance. Compare BMW X1 vs Audi Q3 here to see the differences.

Compare Price, Features & Interior

  • The BMW X1 is more expensive than the Audi Q3
  • Audi offers standard leather upholstery on its Audi Q3; the BMW X1 uses cloth or fake leather
  • The Q3's interior is more luxuriously-equipped, with a standard moon/sun roof, than the BMW X1

Compare Power & Performance

  • Both models come standard with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine
  • Both models come standard with FWD; but all-wheel drive is available on both Audi and BMW SUVs
  • Audi's quattro system is more advanced, and more capable, than BMW's xDrive system

Test-Drive the New 2018 Audi Q3 in Charlotte

The BMW brand is one of the few luxury automakers that can really go toe-to-toe with Audi for sport performance and utility; and the BMW X1 really is a tough competitor. It does many things well, and is surprisingly large for its size. But, if you want a capable, fun-to-drive subcompact crossover that will give you the most for your money, our bet is on the Audi Q3. Visit us in Charlotte today to take a test drive.