There is a lot of excitement for the upcoming Audi models having impressive performance, innovative infotainment options, and some of the most advanced safety features. We want to give you a closer look at what these models can offer, making sure you will know what makes them right for the lives of any driver.

2020 Audi A4

The updates to the Audi A4 give it a new look and new feel. The front and rear see a new shape while the inside even gets a new infotainment system. The model had a minor update for the previous model year, but the newest model will come with a major update to continue drawing drivers to this popular Audi model.

Quick Specs

  • Design: A larger grille and reshaped headlights give a more modern look to the Audi A4, as do the redesigned taillights and new lines on the body.
  • Technology: The new MMI infotainment system gets rid of the central knob for a touchscreen that is more responsive.
  • Performance: The Audi A4 can be equipped with quattro all-wheel drive for the best traction wherever you go.

2020 Audi A6

Being a midsize luxury car gives the Audi A6 a lot of advantages for drivers. The 2019 model year saw a full redesign of the model, but that doesn't mean the 2020 model year doesn't get updates. There are many technology and convenience systems that get updates or tweaks, giving every driver the best experience possible.

Quick Specs

  • Performance: The 2020 Audi A6 holds onto the 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine that makes up to 340 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque with the help of Mild Hybrid technology. You can equip all-wheel drive for the best control over a variety of terrains.
  • Safety Features: The new model year gets more standard features, including Lane Departure Warning, high-beam assist, even more options on upgraded trim levels.
  • Cabin Updates: Comfort is a top priority for this vehicle and there are many options to keep you enjoying every drive. From a heated steering wheel to the Audi virtual cockpit, we will make sure you see every option that we have.

2020 Audi Q3

For the 2020 model year, the Audi Q3 will be available in the Sportback body style. A sleek design and stylish outline will make sure you can enjoy every minute that you are behind the wheel. The new design will turn heads wherever you go, even allowing you to enjoy your time on the highway with an exciting performance.

Quick Specs

  • Design: The Sportback design is more like a coupe, sloping back for a more stylish look than the ordinary Audi Q3 offers.
  • Interior: The impressive infotainment system will connect your favorite apps and media. The standard cargo space remains unchanged, but there is slightly less when you fold down the rear seats.
  • Performance: A dependable engine and quattro all-wheel drive will have you enjoying your time behind the wheel.

2020 Audi Q5

SUVs are some of the most sought-after vehicles, especially for families or anyone who is looking to bring along a lot of gear. The 2020 Audi Q5 continues to bring you more equipment across its range of trims. There is a lot that has made this the best-selling Audi model, and we want to show you how it will maintain that position.

Quick Specs

  • Performance: There is a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that brings you 248 horsepower and is connected to a seven-speed S tronic transmission with quattro all-wheel drive as standard.
  • Safety features: From the Audi pre sense basic system to the driver assistance package, the 2020 Audi Q5 will ensure you will feel confident on any highway. The adaptive cruise control system with Traffic Jam Assist will make even the busiest highway more relaxing.
  • Technology: You can now include a Convenience plus package with an Audi phone box with wireless charging to keep you connected to your favorite media. The Audi Virtual Cockpit houses all the information that you might need, giving you all the information that you could need.

2020 Audi Q7

A large and luxurious SUV is right for many drivers, which makes the 2020 Audi Q7 one such option. A refresh for the 2020 model year gives you more technology and better control of the interior features, making every vacation, commute, and weekend getaway perfect. Seating for seven, intuitive technology, and an exciting performance make this update one to look forward to.

Quick Specs

  • Design: The Q7 reorients the grille to a vertical six-bar design for a bold look. This bold look continues with large side air intakes and stretched headlights.
  • Cabin Technology: There are now two touchscreen displays to control your driving settings and the climate controls on the lower screen while the upper controls a variety of other settings.
  • Performance: There are two engine options for the 2020 Audi Q7, making between 248 and 329 horsepower with quattro all-wheel drive.

2020 Audi Q8

As the second year on the market, the 2020 Audi Q8 brings a variety of features for every driver to enjoy. The trims now see more standard and optional features, focusing mainly on technology and safety so that you will be able to enjoy even the busiest highway. With more accessibility to lane departure warning, high-beam assist, and Audi virtual cockpit plus, you will have features to keep you a safe distance from other models while still getting you all the information that you could need.

Quick Specs

  • Performance: Keeping traction is important, and the 2020 Audi Q8 does this with quattro all-wheel drive technology on every trim. This system is accompanied by the 2.0-liter engine that makes up to 248 horsepower.
  • Technology: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration come on the Audi Q8, as does an available heads-up display and Audi Virtual Cockpit plus, all to make sure you can get to the media and apps that make for an exciting drive.
  • Available Packages: The 2020 Audi Q8 has several packages to get you the right features for your needs. The Black Optic Package, S Line Style, S Line Plus, and Luxury packages all offer an array of advanced features for a detailed look at what you will need.

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