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Kristen Bowen
General Manager
(704) 379-8302

We are thrilled to announce Audi Northlake's new General Manager, Kristen Bowen!

In 2008, Kristen Bowen joined the Hendrick family as a receptionist at Hendrick Mini in Charlotte. She was quickly promoted to a sales advisor role where her warm demeanor, paired with determination, wit, and hard work led her to become a top sales advisor there. In 2014, she was hand-selected to help open Audi Northlake and has been an incredible leader in each of her management roles. We are so lucky to have her leading our team!

Sean Fairman
Sales Manager
(704) 379-8327

Mr. Smiles! Sean has been with the Hendrick family for almost 6 years and was recently engaged (is now) married! Sean's work ethic is incredible and is exceeded only by his passion for helping his teammates and our guests accomplish their goals. Sean has been with Audi Northlake since we opened our doors as a new Audi dealership in Charlotte, NC.

Jeremy McLean
Sales Manager
(704) 379-8325

Jeremy is a long-time Audi teammate who moved to the Charlotte area with his wife and daughter in 2019. He has been a valuable asset to the Audi Northlake team and we are happy to have him!

Tory Jones
Business Manager
(704) 379-8310

Tory Jones has been with Audi Northlake since we opened and was instrumental in getting the store up and running. Tory has a kind heart and warm demeanor. He was promoted to Business Manager and has become a leader developing our sales team.

Adam Ricker
Business Manager
(704) 379-8337

Adam Ricker is a graduate of Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. Adam joined our team as an intern in his senior year in college and was quickly promoted to our Technologist. Adam then was promoted to our sales team and most recently to Business Manager. Adam's passion to win is only exceeded by the crazy amount of car knowledge he has. Adam is one of the kindest, most helpful, positive, intelligent people you will ever meet.

Matt Woods
Service Manager
(704) 379-8326

Congratulations to our NEW Service Manager, Matt Woods! Matt was recently promoted from Shop Foreman to his new role as Service Manager. He has many, many years of Audi Service experience and we are so excited to have him leading our service team. He has a really awesome wife, Sumer, and his dog, Brighten, is pretty awesome, too! :)

Eric Anderson
Parts Manager
(704) 379-8399

Eric is the longest tenured Hendrick teammate on our staff and started his career at Hendrick BMW. He and wife, who is a trauma nurse, live in Lake Wylie with their two great kids, Amber and Jacob. In fact, his daughter is on the soccer team at Appalachian State University.



Alf George
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8333

G'day mate! Alf is from the land down under and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. His clients and teammates love his positive and optimistic spirit! Alf is quick to help lend a hand with anything our guests and co-workers need including teaching some killer Aussie slang! You will have a great experience with Alf here at Hendrick Audi Northlake in Charlotte, NC.

Caleb Sherrill
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8344

Cristian Bosco
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8993

Cristian is an amazing person who has lived all over the world. He is very easy going, extremely sophisticated and always provides a world class experience for his guests. He is a hell of a nice guy on top of it all.

Daphne Abreu
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8309

Daphne is our energy star and both her teammates and guests love her spirit! A graduate of Queen's University, Daphne started as our Technologist and quickly graduated to our sales team where she has excelled at giving her clients an amazing, pressure free and fun experience!

Mark Johnson
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8312

Mark Johnson gets more positive feedback from his clients than anyone in the store. His helpful, pressure free approach is a breath of fresh air for his guests. Mark is soft spoken and kind hearted and you will have a great experience with him here at Hendrick Audi Northlake in Charlotte, NC.

Mattasyn Shisler
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8338

Matt Williams
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8336


Nick Gilman
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8313

Nick is one of the most optimistic and outgoing people you will ever meet. Nick's positive attitude is always present and he always finds the most helpful solution to every situation. Nick in an energetic and positive person and you will enjoy working with him here at Hendrick Audi Northlake in Charlotte, NC.

Nathan Sappington
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8304

Rhyle Scott
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8300

Rhyle is the newest Audi Brand Specialist on our team. He has worked at Audi Northlake for the last few years while he was finishing his degree at UNC-Charlotte. He recently graduated and was promoted to our sales team. He has an incredibly bright future with the Hendrick family and we are lucky to have him!

Stefanos Stamoulacatos
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8336

Stefanos is a recent transplant from Syracuse, NY. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and a former professional soccer player. He has great experience with the Audi Brand, and specifically Audi Sport. Fun fact: Stefanos speaks Greek fluently.

Stephen Duty
Audi Brand Specialist
(704) 379-8314

Stephen is one of our chief energy officers! He has an absolute heart of gold and once you meet him you will quickly see why his clients love him. Stephen is quick to help his teammates and guests with anything they need and his cooperative spirit is contagious. "Doots" can always be found smiling at Hendrick Audi Northlake in Charlotte, NC. 

Lindsay Dorton
Administrative Assistant
(704) 379-8307

Ok, so Lindsay is the one who really runs the show around here. Lindsay is a longtime Hendrick teammate (since 2008), an amazing mom to Charley and all around great person. Lindsay is one of our Chief Energy Officers that helps everyone of us each day. Thank you for all you do for the team and our guests, Lindsay! We are grateful to have you as a teammate and friend!

Ray Carruthers
Pre-Owned Sales Support
(704) 379-8344

Colby Ball
Technology Specialist and Sales Support
(704) 379-8300

Brendin Logsdon
(704) 379-8300

Remy Brezeault
Sales Support
(704) 379-8300

Joey Owca
Sales Support
(704) 379-8300



Alyssa Rowell
Service Advisor
(704) 379-8323

Bradley Caldwell
Service Advisor
(704) 379-8322

Jason Leake
Service Advisor
(704) 379-8342

Mike Estrada
Service Advisor
(704) 379-8343

Ray Elsworth
Service Advisor
(704) 379-8317

Zach Wood
Service Advisor
(704) 379-8300

Jaime Murray
Warranty Manager
(704) 379-8315

Krosbyn Mendez
Loaner Coordinator
(704) 379-8300

Adam Crotts
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Bobby Rogers
Service Team Leader
(704) 379-8300

Micah Salado
Service Team Leader
(704) 379-8300

Ben Brown
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Cristian Salazar
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Dominick Carrieri
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Exon Cisneros
Audi Certified Technician
(704) 379-8300

Joel Fudge
(704) 379-8300

Jonathon Lacey
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Kevin Godwin
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Miguel Alvarado
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Milton "Trey" Dunlap
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Patrick Nelson
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Robbie Sandoval
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Travis Mays
Service Technician
(704) 379-8300

Aldo Rondinelli
Service Support
(704) 379-8300

Liam Best
Service Support
(704) 379-8300

Carlos Hernandez
Service Support
(704) 379-8300



Isaac Curiel
Parts Consultant & Wholesale Manager
(704) 379-8353

Isaac is the man! He is always optimistic, eternally positive and very helpful. We are glad Isaac is such a big part of our parts team.

Joel Hannah
Parts Consultant
(704) 379-8328

Jonathan Billings
Parts Consultant
(704) 379-8351

Matthew Fabiani
Parts Consultant
(704) 379-8354

Timothy Lawton
Shipping and Receiving
(704) 379-8300

Kelly Duncan
Parts Driver
(704) 379-8300


Guest Services

Megan Shook
Guest Services Representative
(704) 379-8300

Shirley Cocinero
Guest Services Representative
(704) 379-8300