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Three-row SUVs are the right choice for many drivers because of the space and capability that they offer. The upcoming 2020 Audi Q7 adds another layer of excitement to Audi SUVs: luxury. This update brings a lot of features that other Audi models in the lineup already have but does it in a way that still maintains the unique identity of the Audi Q7.


Technology and Connectivity

The newest Audi Q7 continues the trend of Audi models in getting rid of the MMI central knob to be replaced with a fully touch-screen interface. These two screens sit in the center of the dashboard, making it easy for the driver to get to all the controls that they will need.


Excellent Handling and Control

The suspension system has always been a strength of the Audi Q7, and the newest iteration of the model continues that trend while still updating it for a better experience. Borrowing from the Audi Q8, the updated Audi Q7 now has the active anti-sway bar system to keep your steering inputs precise and your drive smooth.


An Updated Look

A more aggressive design of the front is added to the new Audi Q7, giving a more rugged look over the previous iterations of the model. There isn't a drastic difference in the overall look, but the difference is enough to give an edge that many drivers are looking for.


Learn More by Visiting Our Dealership

Our team wants to make sure you will know you can find the vehicle that will meet all the needs of your life. The upcoming 2020 Audi Q7 offers a range of features and options that every driver will be able to enjoy, making it easy for you to find an SUV that you will be able to depend on.

We don’t know which of these features will make it to the release of the 2020 Audi Q7, but many of them are released in international versions of the Audi Q7. We encourage you to visit our dealership so that we can show you what the 2019 Audi Q7 offers, helping you see if this model feels like the one you will want in your life.

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