Audi Connect® Options

The Advanced Capabilities of Each Audi Connect® Option

With a variety of competitive options from every manufacturer, it might seem difficult to find the model that is equipped with everything you've been looking for. Luckily for you, Audi stands out in a variety of ways, giving you access to new vehicles that will keep you smiling during the time that you spend behind the wheel. The Audi Connect® packages make it clear that this is the brand you should be choosing from.

Audi Connect® has a few distinct options within it, allowing you to choose the package that comes with everything you have been looking for.

Audi Connect® CARE

Audi Connect® Care is the first option. This package is included with your new Audi model and makes sure you can drive confidently with a variety of impressive features to improve your driving experience. Allowing you to make SOS calls, request roadside assistance, remotely lock or unlock your Audi, and use a Car finder feature, Audi Connect® Care includes a lot that other manufacturers would make you pay to have.

If you have the Audi e-tron®, Audi Connect® Care also includes in-vehicle trip planning, stationary climate control, and remote charging. This gives you the most control over your vehicle and allows you to be prepared for any upcoming adventure that you have planned.

Audi Connect® PRIME

Complimentary for six months in your new Audi, Audi Connect® PRIME gives you a few of the most innovative systems that you could want. Access to Google Earth™ means you will have a detailed map at your disposal, allowing you to drop pins and change angles for the best view of where you are going. It also includes Natural Voice Recognition and Amazon Alexa™ to make controlling your devices and settings easier than you could have imagined.

Traffic information is also included in Audi Connect® PRIME, making sure you can adjust the route that you are taking based on live information. Driving an Audi should be an exciting experience, not one bogged down by traffic, and this is an option that will make sure you can get the most enjoyment from your time in the driver's seat.

Our Team is Excited to Help You Learn More

New Audi models are some of the most advanced, and we can help you decide which of these packages you will want in the one that you drive home in. We can help you get started with the myAudi App that gives control over some of these features, answering any questions that you have along the way. Our team looks forward to hearing from you so that we can help you unlock the full potential of the model that you want in your driveway.

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