Battery & Tire Replacement

Battery and Tire Replacements for Your Audi in Charlotte

As an Audi owner, there are several items you likely think of when considering routine maintenance for your vehicle. And when you're looking to get the most out of our Audi model, you'll want to ensure you have a fresh battery and good set of tires on your vehicle. Find new batteries and tires for you Audi model in Charlotte when you visit Audi Northlake today!

New Audi Battery in Charlotte

When getting your Audi back to peak performance, the battery may not be something you immediately think of. And while a weak battery isn't directly linked to engine performance, it does put additional strain on the drivetrain that affects how your vehicle drives.

For starters, a weak batter will put an additional strain on the alternator, which in turn causes more power to be routed from the engine to keep it cranking. Ideally your battery is used to simply start the vehicle and from there the alternator takes over to keep you going, power the electronics such as your headlights and stereo, and charging the battery. If the battery is weaker than 12 volts, additional stress will be placed on the alternator, shortening its life and affecting vehicle performance.

In addition, the additional strain of the alternator can have an adverse effect on fuel economy. Because the alternator is directly connected to the engine via the accessory belt, it requires more power from the engine to keep everything under power with a weak battery. This additional strain causes reduced fuel economy that will get markedly worse as time goes on.

If you feel your Audi may need a new battery, visit our Charlotte Audi service center, where our professional Audi technicians will test your battery and replace it to help your Audi be at its best.

New Tires for Your Audi in Charlotte

No matter what you're doing or where you're going, a good set of tires can make your drive more enjoyable. As the only components on your vehicle that actually touch the road, tires can critically affect handling, ride comfort, acceleration, stopping power, overall safety, and even fuel economy. Don't let a bad set of tires ruin your Audi driving experience. Visit Audi Northlake in Charlotte and get the right tires for your Audi today.

How do Tires Affect Performance?

While tires don't affect how your engine performs, they can affect how that power is delivered to the ground. With the turbocharged torque of an Audi underneath you, a good set of tires can provide the grip needed to transfer that power to the road and help you get the most forward drive out of your Audi. In addition, cornering response and overall cornering grip will be improved, as well as stopping power. On the road this is great for adding stability and reliability to your drive. And if you're the track-day type, it'll help you improve lap times and run more consistent lines through the corners.

How do Tires Affect Safety?

While we've already brought up stability and stopping power, driving on subpar tires can negatively affect safety in other ways as well. For starters, if your tread is extremely worn you will have a hard time dealing with any type of moisture on the road surface. Hydroplaning is the loss of control due to standing water, and this becomes more prevalent with worn tires.

And while it may not snow very often in the Charlotte area, if you are planning any mountain excursions or trips up north, a set of good winter tires will give you the grip you need to handle cold, snowy road surfaces.

Visit Our Dealership Today!

Your tire replacement experts are waiting at Audi Northlake today! Give yourself the confidence and peace of mind of quality tires that can handle whatever your lifestyle throws at them. Whether you're looking for all-season, everyday performance, winter tires for a snowy adventure, or summer tires for those mid-July joyrides, you'll find the tires you need for your Audi in Charlotte



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