Audi Courtesy Vehicles For Sale Charlotte

An Audi Q7 Demo Model Offers New Performance in Charlotte at an Enticing Price

One of the most commonly-acknowledged facts in the car business is that a vehicle suffers the hardest hit to its value the second it loses its "new car" showroom status. Even Audi models, which boast some of the lowest depreciation rates and best resale values, experience that first drop in vehicle worth. But that's why our new Audi Q7 demo inventory is such a great deal in Charlotte; by offering our new demonstration models up for sale, we're eating that initial cost. And you get to reap the rewards.

Dealer demo cars are new vehicles that we use for test drives and company business, to help shoppers in Charlotte, Huntersville, Concord explore the lineup and make the right decision for their needs. Our demonstrator Audi models are driven for only a few months before we move them to our sale floor, and most have 2,000 miles or less on the odometer--barely an outing for a durable and long-lasting Audi model.

Why buy a demo Audi Q7 model? Along with offering lower prices than comparable new cars in stock, demo cars can give you a greater opportunity to take advantage of deals than used vehicles. Since they have never officially been sold or registered, these SUVs are legally considered new vehicles; and that means they qualify for all special financing, rebate offers, and manufacturer warranties, so you could save even more.

Explore demo cars for sale here to get your next Audi Q7 SUV at a great new price in Charlotte. View available color and package options, trim levels, engine options, and pricing to compare new models. If you have any questions about vehicle use, lease or loan opportunities, or warranty information on Audio demo models, don't hesitate to give us a call or contact us online.