New Audi Sedans in Charlotte

The Modern Luxury of a Premium Car, the Unparalleled Performance of an Audi: Get the Best of 2018 Audi Sports Sedans in Charlotte

With such a large selection of luxury sedans in Charlotte, drivers may find themselves lost in a sea of options. But, in classic fashion, the Audi brand stands out with a unique vision of what it means to be a premium sports car. With a dozen distinctive model options available to drivers in the greater Huntersville and Concord areas, Audi's newest sedan lineup offers more than ever for 2018.

What are the differences between Audi sedans?

New Audi "A-line" sedans provide a selection of well-equipped and capable vehicles designed for comfort and optimal driving pleasure for your commute. The Audi "S-line" takes everything that you love about models like the A3, A4, and A7 and redecorates--sport-tuned equipment, fresh exterior styling, and high-powered engines separate these sedans from their more modest counterparts. New Audi "RS-line" cars are the most aggressive of the bunch, with the most powerful powertrains and the highest price tags. Number designations signify sizing--with 3 being the smallest, and 8 the largest of the vehicles.

Explore the full lineup of new Audi sedans in Charlotte today; research specific sedans by clicking through the different tabs to read a brief overview of each model to see which might be the best choice for you.

2018 Audi A3

2018 Audi S3

2018 Audi A3 / S3

  • Body style: Entry-level compact sedan / compact sport sedan
  • Horsepower: 186 - 220 HP / 292 HP
  • quattro AWD: Available

The small stature and comfortable interiors of the 2018 A3 and S3 make them perfect for Charlotte urbanites who frequent cities and highways. The addition of quattro all-wheel drive, however, makes them equally well-suited for country roads. Efficient engine performance provides practical commuting power, while intelligent standard features make Audi's compact sedans well worth the price.

2018 Audi RS 3

2018 Audi RS 3

  • Body style: Compact performance sedan
  • Horsepower: 400 HP
  • quattro AWD: Available

This tightly-built sedan packs a lot of power into one small body. Its design is dynamic, sporty, and eye-catching, while every component and piece of equipment has been optimized for incredible performance. You'll find yourself hunting for quiet, lonely straightaways outside of downtown Cornelius, just so you can better hear the sound of the 2018 RS 3's engine.

2018 Audi A4

2018 Audi S4

2018 Audi A4 / S4

  • Body style: Compact luxury sedan / compact sports sedan
  • Horsepower: 190 - 252 HP / 354 HP
  • quattro AWD: available

The Audi A4 was an instant classic. After a major redesign for 2017, the newest 2018 Audi A4 and S4 are only getting better. This sleek four-door lineup offers the best balance of performance and practicality, and both models offer fresh turbocharged power for a versatile, functional fit for just about any lifestyle.

2018 Audi A6

2018 Audi A6 / S6

  • Body style: Midsize luxury sedan / midsize sports sedan
  • Horsepower: 252 HP - 340 HP / 450 HP
  • quattro AWD: Available

The 2018 Audi A6 and S6 are a warm welcome into the frequently stoic world of midsize luxury cars--the larger interiors are roomy and comfortable to the touch, while the exterior design of both cars is impressive, assertive, and attentive. Choose the sporty S-Line for V-8 engine performance, a sprint time of just 4.4 seconds 0 - 60, and a more muscular build.

2018 Audi A7

2018 Audi S7

2018 Audi A7 / S7

  • Body style: Full-size luxury sedan / large sport sedan
  • Horsepower: 340 HP / 450 HP
  • quattro AWD: Available

The 2018 Audi A7 and S7 bring a stunning sloped design to the exterior of both sedans in the 7-tier selection. This unique style offers an attractive, tempting alternative to the typical look of four-door luxury cars--and helps boost aerodynamics so you can slice through the air smoothly and enjoy your ride even more. Supercharged performance from a pair of TFSI engines makes the A7 and S7 a whole new kind of fun.

2018 Audi RS 7

2018 Audi RS 7

  • Body style: Luxury performance sedan
  • Horsepower: 605 HP
  • quattro AWD: Available

With over 600 horses under the hood, it's not uncommon to mistake the cockpit of the 2018 Audi RS 7 for a fighter jet. This monstrous, awe-inspiring addition to the lineup has a roar that needs to be heard to be believed. Every inch of the exterior and interior has been imagined, sculpted, and decorated to provide track-ready good looks and grand-touring levels of comfort. Connect to your world--or, leave it all behind.

2018 Audi A8

2018 Audi A8 L / A8 plus

  • Body style: Flagship luxury sedan / large sport sedan
  • Horsepower: 450 HP / 605 HP
  • quattro AWD: Standard

"Flagship" doesn't quite do justice to the iconic good looks and performance of the 2018 Audi A8 L and A8 plus. A full-size luxury car equipped with a V-8 engine for heart-pounding thrills, the Audi A8 lineup still soothes and cradles its driver and passengers with class-leading and exclusive features, advanced technology, and genuine premium materials.

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